How can you know?

I've been debating, in depth, whether or not to resume this journal or not in light of the new one that isnt online. Then I realized I'm being selfish, reading and not commenting, and not sharing my life as well.
A quick summary since I've been gone:
*College is fine, it's now a matter of choosing which of the nursing schools to finish at
*My jeep had it's first blow out the other day, going 70 on the highway. It was the front drivers. I handled it well, it was as though someone else took over though b/c I can not be that calm haha. Amy spotted me with tire money until I could replace it (It was between paydays) and we left Gary and Zeb with the Jeep when Jeremy came to rescue us.
*I took all my piercings out except the basic ear lobes
*I quit drinking alcohol AND soda
*I gave up anything sexually, even hot making out for a while. It's actually going well. It puts a different perspective on relationships.
*Due to the above, dating life has changed and my last relationship (Gary) wasnt very long lived (He got on my nerves, too clingy)
*Jordan moved on to Maryland Heights *sighs*
*Grant is still around, but it's not the same without Jordan!
*My cat, Howard, has lost weight. I don't exactly know how. He eats more and is less active heh.
*My brother-in-law, Larry, killed our cat, Snickies, just for the hell of it. JERK!
*I've lost weight and the new exercise plan is actually going well
*I'm finally annoyed with my job but I'll stick through it since I move soon
*It looks like I'm NOT Moving to Kennett now with my now looks more like I'm heading to Utah
*I changed churches and gained faith

Anyway in conclusion, I'm thinking of closing the written journal and posting the entries in here. I was going to start a new online journal, since my life is on a new leaf, but it shows more improvement with reading my background.

How can you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been?

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